Hi everybody!  Jim here from Movement Solutions of Clear lake.  Watersports rentals have been exploding!  Folks from all over looking for something fun to do in Clear lake to get out on the water.  The new itbikes have been real popular, an itbike is a floating water cycle that pedals like a gear bike.  We have singles or a tandem to choose from.  Just this morning a couple rented a combo platter, that's 1 float pad, 1 paddle board and an itbike.  It's a lot more healthy than the combo platter at the bar.  Kayaks have busy as well, our versatile 10.5ft kayaks are set up for fishing or just loafing around.  These kayaks will work for anyone from a kid to big guy.  Let's not forget the old fashion Canoe, our canoes have a small third seat in the middle to help keep an eye on the little ones.

That's it for now  Jim from Movement signing off!